Optimizing the use of RFID card-opening lockers in a multi-shift workplace

Who is the customer?

A large manufacturing company with multiple shifts and hundreds of employees had been struggling to manage their locker system efficiently.

What challenges they have encountered?

The company had limited lockers available, which led to employees sharing lockers, often causing confusion and delays during shift changes. Additionally, the company was using traditional keys and codes to operate the lockers, which caused maintenance and security issues.

As a result, the company was seeking a solution that would automate locker management, increase locker usage optimization, and provide easier locker operation for employees.


The company has implemented the URVE Smart Locker for over 3 months.

Here are some of the benefits they have experienced:

🗄️ Optimizing locker usage: The system has allowed the company to have fewer lockers than the number of employees per shift, optimizing locker usage. This has saved the company money while ensuring that every employee has access to a locker.

🤖 Automation in locker management: With URVE Smart Locker, the company has automated locker management tasks such as managing the arrival to work, leaving work, or holidays of an employee. This has helped to reduce the workload of the HR department and improve overall efficiency.

🔑 Easier locker operation: The system eliminates the need for employees to have a key or access code to use the lockers, which has made it easier for them to operate the lockers.

💰 Cost optimization: URVE Smart Locker has led to complete automation of locker operations, leading to cost optimization for the company.

🚪 Flexibility: URVE Smart Locker has allowed the company to assign multiple employees to a single locker, which has provided more flexibility in managing locker usage.

🕰️ Time-based access: URVE Smart Locker has allowed the company to define access to lockers according to time periods for employee shifts, allowing the possibility of using one locker for employees from different shifts. This has helped to optimize locker usage and save the company money.

🧷 Integrations: URVE Smart Locker has integrated with other systems used by the company such as work time registration, access control, human resources systems, and user databases, such as Microsoft Active Directory. This integration has helped the company to streamline its operations and achieve better results.


URVE Smart Locker has helped to optimize locker usage, automate locker management tasks, and provide easier locker operation. The system has increased efficiency, saved the company money, provided flexibility, and allowed time-based access. The integration with other systems used by the company has streamlined operations and improved results.

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