URVE Smart Room

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URVE Smart Room

Smart Room is your an intuitive as well as end-to-end booking service for meeting rooms and other common spaces in your office.  The system now offers many useful features to support teamwork. The convenient interface of a mobile or web app is fully integrated with Microsoft Outlook calendar, so you can quickly invite and notify selected people of a meeting.  All this gives you a fully fledged system for booking rooms and managing meetings in the office, so indispensable in a hybrid work environment.

Use Smart Room to:

  • find a room that meets your requirements and plan your meeting
  • invite your entire team to a meeting with a few clicks
  • book the room for only one or recurring meetings (for instance every week at the same time)
  • order catering or additional equipment for the meeting
  • evaluate the meeting after it is over or report any faults you notice

How it works?

Via phone or PC

rooms can be booked from the mobile app as well as through a web browser

Communication using push notifications

you won't forget about any upcoming bookings, and the administrator or team manager will send important messages to selected people

Information on screens

use screens to display any multimedia content as needed

Integrations with access control systems

employees can use the phone or the same access card as for the front or inside door

Integration with Microsoft 365

employees can log in to the system using their Microsoft accounts and use Outlook and Teams for bookings

Integration with smart building sensors

Smart Room can use information provided by occupancy, temperature, humidity and other sensors

LOBO 10” touch panels

A great addition are the 10″ interactive LOBO panels, integrated with Smart Room to create an end-to-end room reservation system. Screens work well not only in front of conference rooms, but in front of any space intended for meetings or presentations.

The panels display information about the availability of rooms or a meeting currently in progress. The aesthetically pleasing Aluminum casing, high-quality True Colour screen and side LED backlighting make the panels uniquely enhance the modern design of the office.

The screens are fully integrated into Smart Room. All bookings made via the mobile app or Microsoft Outlook will be visible on the LOBO screen.

Easy integration with Microsoft and other systems

Both Smart Room and LOBO screens can be integrated with Microsoft or Google Workplace ecosystems, which are used by thousands of employees every day.

Integration with Microsoft Exchange and Active Directory makes it possible for users to use their existing logins and passwords, and their reservations will still be visible in MS Outlook and MS Teams.

Protecting the company’s data and your employees is always our top priority. Authorisation of users logging into the system is follows stringent security standards.

You can rely on us

2200+ projects

wordwide delivered using the URVE platform

3200+ desks

are managed by Smart Office launched in one of the international banks

20 000+ workstations

the number of our clients’ resources that increased in URVE Smart Office within 18 months

500 LOBO screens

are used by one of the largest companies in the insurance industry

21 % better accessibility

the increase of conference room accessibility in companies that actively use the URVE reservation system

14 minutes

we implemented our system for one of our clients within such a short time

We have completed over 300 deployments

Cooperation models

Software as a Service (SaaS)

involves the provision of cloud-based software to the client. We manage the application, its development and updates, the client does not need to do anything.

System on Premise (SoP)

is a model where the application is installed on the client’s hardware and infrastructure. We manage the development of the solution and the client’s IT department manages the maintenance and updates.

Try a free, full-featured demo of URVE Smart Office before you decide

If you would like access to the product demo and for the support team to conduct an online demonstration of the product features, please fill out this form or contact by e-mail:

The demo is completely free of charge. If you have any technical questions or deployment concerns, they will also be answered.

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The map view, or location plan, is available at the booking stage in any user interface: on a smartphone, in a web browser, a plug-in for MS Outlook, or in Teams and Sharepoint. It shows all resources for which the user has booking rights, together with information on their availability at the selected time.

We have provided users with a ‘report a problem’ function, where they can describe any problems they discover with a room’s equipment by first selecting the relevant room from a list.

Yes. We have ensured that such booking is available to users selected by the administrator. What is more, you can indicate for whom specifically such a user will be able to book.

We provide a range of solutions that support the work of the office, so you can display any multimedia content on large screens and on small ones by the conference rooms. For this, you can use small multimedia players mounted behind the screens, as well as interactive LOBO panels located at the entrances to the meeting rooms. The LOBO panels will enable you to handle bookings in the room.

We offer a range of solutions that support the work of the office, so you can display any multimedia content on large screens and on small screens next to conference rooms. This can be done using small multimedia players mounted behind the screens and interactive LOBO panels, located at the entrances to conference rooms. LOBO panels can be used to handle reservations in a room.

The user panel can be customised according to your company’s visual requirements. As an administrator, you will be able to customise some basic colour parameters of the system, as well as place a logo of your choice. When you do, employees will associate booking freedom directly with your organisation.