Integration with Roger access control system RACS 5

Why is integration with the access control system and BMS important?

Choosing the right room reservation system is not easy when one of the necessary criteria is the ability to integrate with the company’s key systems. Modern organisations care for employee and asset security by deploying access control systems and Building Management System (BMS). Such systems automate and facilitate the work of individuals and improve the overall security of the company. However, a lot of different systems are not easy to manage and can create confusion for users about which solution to use where.

Therefore, from the very beginning of the development of the URVE Smart Office (USO) system, we have made sure that it can be integrated with the most popular and important systems used by companies around the world.

What is Roger’s RACS 5 access control system?

In the most general terms, it is an advanced Enterprise-class access control system that enables to control the movement of people in a building and supervise access to different rooms. In addition, RACS 5 can be used to control access to lockers and elevators, can be integrated with other security systems as well as with building automation.

What are the advantages of integrating the Smart Office system and the RACS 5 access control system?

With Smart Office users can book meeting rooms, desks, parking spaces or lockers in advance. As it is integrated with the Roger’s system, only authorised persons have access to the rooms. This leads to improved security and enhanced company processes. Authorisation of users is most often done with employee RFID cards.

How the integration of URVE Smart Office with Roger’s RACS 5 system works for the user – step by step

1) The user can book a conference room using the URVE Smart Office system. They can choose one of the following interfaces:

  • Mobile application

  • System that supports browsers

  • Using a plug-in in Microsoft Outlook or Temas

  • Touch screens next to rooms

2) When the user approves their booking, the URVE Smart Office system transmits to the Roger system the ID of the user making the making. From now on it is only that user who can open the door to the conference room using their RFID on the Roger’s access control reader.

3) An employee joining the meeting uses their card on the Roger’s reader. The electromagnetic lock opens and the employee can enter the room.

4) As the room opens, Roger’s card reader automatically transmits “logs” to the URVE Smart Office system. The authorisation of the employee is at the same time a confirmation of the booking in the URVE Smart Office system.


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