Is the trend for booking systems for hybrid work coming to an end?

Hybrid work is a popular topic, and for the past few years it has been coming back like a boomerang. It heats up discussions around the meaning of working in the office.

Is hybrid working only a temporary trend?

Many people believe that these two words carry more marketing potential than offer any actual benefits for companies, and decision-makers cannot wait until it is possible to go back to full time office work. Is it really the case?

Hybrid work not only during lockdown…

As a developer of the system for booking desks, rooms, parking spaces and lockers, we observe dynamically changing priorities and needs when it comes to the hybrid work organisation.

It emerges that IT solutions supporting hybrid work organisation are becoming a standard in many companies. At present, they do not need to be used only as a response to the pandemic.

Has there been a decrease in the demand for booking systems following the pandemic?

The opportunity to book office resources helps employees plan a visit to the office and effectively manage office space in any work model.

We have noticed a growing interest in our URVE Smart Office within the past year. 

We consistently gather statistics on the resources implemented for our customers. They clearly indicate an upward trend in the popularity of our booking systems.

Below we present the most recent results. 

office booking system

What are the reasons for implementing your booking systems?

We constantly ask our customers for the reasons for implementing booking systems in their organisations, and this helps us be even more precise in defining our development strategies.

We have noticed that our customers have a tendency to provide much more variable answers in 2022.

This shows a deeper awareness of the benefits of having such systems in place.


Adapting to the pandemic restrictions has been sidelined, and such aspects as employee comfort or cost optimisation have been gaining importance.

Both questionnaires demonstrate that companies are ready to move fully to a hybrid model.

booking system


booking system

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