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Book and manage any resource in your office

URVE Others provides users with 5 integrated with each other booking interfaces

Plugin Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Teams

Mobile app

Web app

Touch panels

URVE Others

URVE Others is a versatile digital solution that will allow employees to reserve any resource or item in a company’s space.

Ways to use URVE Others in an organization are plentiful and it has virtually no limitations. The system will be great for booking and keeping records of company cars, bicycles, or scooters. You can also book and rent electronic equipment or even software licenses.

Implementing the URVE Others system in your organization will enable you to effectively automate the process of reserving resources that are vital to your company’s operations. Employees will be provided with convenient tools for making reservations and managing resources. The administrator will quickly register resources/objects in the system and will be able to manage them easily.

URVE Others is equipped with many useful features to support teamwork. All this puts in your hands a full-fledged system for booking and managing resources in your organization, so necessary in a hybrid work environment. 

What URVE Others can help you with:

  • you will get a complete tool for booking and managing multiple resources,
  • the application will help solve employees’ problems related to access to limited resources,
  • the employee will reserve the resource with a few clicks at one time or on a recurring basis (e.g., every week at the same time),
  • you will integrate the reservation system with your company’s other systems to create a friendly work environment,
  • you will get statistical data which will allow you to draw conclusions and optimize processes.

Rezerwuj i zarządzaj czym zechcesz

Pool car, scooters, company bicycles

The lack of a system for booking cars or other means of transportation can cause quite a bit of chaos among employees. In URVE Others, you can add any means of transportation, allow reservations for a limited time or no limit, and finally draw conclusions by reviewing statistics.

Appliances and electronics

Do you provide your employees with laptops to work from home? Or do they need specialised equipment to do work outside the office? Add these and similar devices to URVE Others and keep track of who has borrowed them and for how long. You can take advantage of QR codes by placing them on the equipment. .


Do you use sophisticated and expensive software in your work, and your budget only allows for a limited number of licenses? Allow your employees to quickly check the availability of a particular software and easily reserve it when they actually need it.

Any other items

Do your employees also use company stuff outside the office? Or do you conduct door-to-door sales and your agents book demo equipment? URVE Others doesn’t limit your imagination, but it allows you to safely oversee rentals within your organization.

How does it work?

Operation from a phone or computer

resources can be reserved from the mobile app as well as via a web browser

Communication through push notifications

you will not forget any upcoming bookings, and the administrator or team manager will send important messages to selected people

QR code support

an employee can make a reservation of a resource and confirm it by scanning a QR code

Integration with Microsoft 365

employees can log on to the system with their Microsoft accounts and use Outlook and Teams for bookings

Integrations with other systems

full automation of the company's business processes thanks to the integration of URVE Others with administrative and HR systems

Extensive configuration options

the system administrator can easily establish booking rules for selected items/resources according to the company's established working model

You can rely on us

2200+ projects

wordwide delivered using the URVE platform

3200+ desks

are managed by Smart Office launched in one of the international banks

20 000+ workstations

the number of our clients’ resources that increased in URVE Smart Office within 18 months

500 LOBO screens

are used by one of the largest companies in the insurance industry

21 % better accessibility

the increase of conference room accessibility in companies that actively use the URVE reservation system

14 minutes

we implemented our system for one of our clients within such a short time

We have completed over 1200 projects for major companies

Cooperation models

Software as a Service (SaaS)

involves the provision of cloud-based software to the client. We manage the application, its development and updates, the client does not need to do anything.

System on Premise (SoP)

is a model where the application is installed on the client’s hardware and infrastructure. We manage the development of the solution and the client’s IT department manages the maintenance and updates.

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