Easy integration into Microsoft and other systems

Smart Office facilitates the booking of offices, parking spaces, meeting rooms and even cabinets through integration with other popular applications and systems used by organisations. All this so that employees can use existing applications used in the company in a faster and easier way.

The system works with the most popular Microsoft solutions, while ensuring maximum security and privacy for the organisation’s databases. Integration with Active Directory allows employees to use the same user domain accounts that they use on a daily basis.

In addition, Smart Office allows bookings to be made and managed from within such applications of the Microsoft 365  suite as Outlook, Teams or Sharepoint or a dedicated mobile app.

Smart Office also supports the automation of processes related to intelligent building management, parking and efficient use of resources in offices.

All this thanks to comprehensive integrations with access control and security systems. We know this like nobody else!

Integration with access control and BMS systems

Access control systems

The Smart Office booking system integrates perfectly with access control systems, enabling efficient management of access to office space through integration with employee accounts and access cards, e.g. RFID.

Building management systems (BMS)

Integration with the BMS enables precise management of technical aspects of the office such as lighting, air conditioning and others, to optimise energy efficiency. Smart Office fully supports the automation of office processes.

Parking systems

Integration with the building’s parking system allows automatic updating of space availability and allows only authorised employees or visitors to enter the car park.

Integration of Smart Office with Roger’s RACS 5 access control system

How can users make bookings?

Mobile application

easy-to-use smartphone app to speed up staff bookings as much as possible

Microsoft Outlook

book from the most popular email application thanks to a dedicated Outlook plug-in

Web application

full functionality for users from a web browser

Microsoft Teams

Reserve space for your team directly in Microsoft Teams

Touch panels

ad hoc bookings thanks to reliable touch panels hanging in the office space

Microsoft Sharepoint

Full Smart Office functionality now also in Sharepoint

Models of cooperation

Software as a Service (SaaS)

is to make your organisation’s software available in the cloud. Maintaining the operation of the application, developing and updating it is our responsibility and you do not have to worry about anything.

System on Premise (SoP)

is a model in which the application is installed on the buyer’s hardware and infrastructure. In this case, the development of the application is our responsibility, while maintenance and updates are the responsibility of your IT department.

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