A reservation system for work desks, conference rooms and parking lots for Santander Bank Polska.

Number of employees:



No IT system in place for reserving office resources that would support the hybrid model of the bank operations.


URVE Smart Office (Desk, Room, Park)

Who is the client?

The User of URVE Smart Office is one of the biggest bank operating in the Polish market for over 20 years – Santander Bank Polska. The URVE solution has been launched in its several branch offices.

What has been implemented?

System URVE Smart Office

Reservation options:

a mobile app

a web app

a plugin for Microsoft Outlook

Lobo 10-inch touch panels

What problems have been solved?


Lack of a uniform system for reserving conference rooms in all bank branches

The client has several locations with tens of conference rooms in each of them and has been facing difficulties with the effective management of a large number of employees and permanent occupancy of conference rooms. Since conference rooms are an important element of business and team meetings, they need a better management system.


Lobo touch screens and the integration of the URVE Smart Office with the client’s e-mail system to make the conference room occupancy visible not only in Outlook, but also on screens. Visual elements such as a dedicated background and colours, backlight of panels or the option of reserving rooms on the screens have significantly improved the quality of the conference room management. 


Difficulties with implementing a hybrid model of work

The situation surrounding the virus and the initial problems associated with remote working, and later on with hybrid working, have brought new challenges for the bank. How to manage a limited office space and the number of available work desks? How to optimise the use of parking lots? How to organise a rotation model of work for the bank staff?


URVE Smart Office application that helps manage reserved work desks and parking lots. The employees were given a lot of flexibility in terms of the reservation options. Several different interfaces such as a mobile app or a dedicated website allow the employees to reserve a preferred parking lot or  a work desk from any place, so they can plan their visit to the office in advance.


Lack of effective team management tools

At the request of the bank, we have developed a special team management module for managers to even better organise the work of the employees working in teams.


We created special functionalities for managers:

– Group reservations for teams

– Delegation of authority

– Acceptance of teamwork schedules

– Specification of reservation limits for employees

– Reservations and cancellations on behalf and for employees


Results of the implementation of Smart Office:


Desks handled by the system


Parking lots handled by the system


Lobo touch screens installed at conference rooms


The implementation of the URVE Smart Office system allowed effective automation of booking desks, conference rooms and parking spaces in the customer’s branch offices. The employees now have convenient and effective tools to manage their bookings while saving much more time. The solution has had a positive impact on the optimisation of the Bank costs.

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