LOBO 10"

interactive 10" touch panel with built-in room booking system for offices

ALL-IN-ONE software and hardware solution
for room bookings

Integration with Microsoft 365

easy integration with Microsoft Active Directory, Outlook calendar, Teams and Sharepoint

Integrations with other systems

LOBO panels can be integrated with external systems in the building, such as access control system, BMS

Displaying information on screens

ability to display multimedia as a screensaver or when screens are inactive

Optional RFID reader

the LOBO panel can be optionally expanded with an RFID employee card reader (e.g., being part of an access control system)

LED backlighting to indicate room occupancy

with LED backlighting, you will know from a distance if the room is occupied

Remote screens management ​and setup

a system administrator receives the tools for easy touch panels configuration and management

Integration with URVE Smart Room

10″ touch panels LOBO are fully integrated with URVE Smart Room software.  The combination of these two solutions gives you a complete and stand-alone room reservation system.

Smart Room gives users multiple ways to make and manage booking, not just using the LOBO touchscreen. All bookings can be made via the mobile app, web app, Microsoft Outlook, Teams or Sharepoint

LOBO also enables integration with the Google Workspace ecosystem, which provides synchronization of events between the Google Resources calendar and the Smart Office calendar.  

Bookings made using the above systems will be visible on the LOBO screen. All thanks to integrations within a single URVE Smart Office room booking system.

Making bookings is very convenient for users thanks to the interactive floor map. The system administrator will easily upload such a map into the system.

Customize the colors and branding for each room

Editable background screen

URVE provides a wide range of colors for the LOBO template background, which can easily be set by the administrator. The system also allows you to add custom images as backgrounds.

Changing background for different status of the room

System allows the use of different backgrounds depending on the current status of the room.  For example you can use different image if the room is free and another if the room is occupied.

Unique branding and logo

You can easily add your company’s logo, which will appear on the top bar of the screen

These features make LOBO ideal for your office


10″ high quality bonded touchscreen

User friendly

easy to learn, easy to use

Quick search

find free room with web app, phone or PC

Aluminum enclosure

highest quality aluminum enclosures

LED sidelights

green light when free, red when busy

Permissions and roles

easy to use user permissions and roles within system


view detailed statistics about rooms usage


put your content and set when and how it dispaly


easy to install in your server room

Cloud server

no server room? no problem, you can use our

Power Over Ethernet

no need to use power cables, only ethernet

Network integration

connect with ethernet or internet when needed

Remote snapshots

check what is on screen remotely

So much more...

…than you think

Contact us to explore all the possibilities

LOBO allows for optimal use of meeting rooms

Modern design with LED backlighting

Integral part of access control system

Managing your meetings

Why URVE Locker is a perfect solution for your office?

  1. Smart employee lockers are the solution to address the challenges of modern production and office space as well as of a wide-spread hybrid work model.


  2. If you choose URVE Locker, you will no longer be facing the problem of lost keys or forgotten codes, and you will be able to easily relocate your employees. It gives you the freedom to choose and share lockers, and the full control of the managed space.


  3. Add system extension options such as booking of desks, conference rooms and parking lots, and give your employees a long desired intuitive solution.


  4. Our Digital Signage system (multimedia content management for screens) and office applications such as URVE Room, Desk, Park and Locker have been used in corporations and locations of public use for many years, and have an excellent reputation proven by feedback from our clients

You can rely on us

2200+ projects

wordwide delivered using the URVE platform

3200+ desks

are managed by Smart Office launched in one of the international banks

20 000+ workstations

the number of our clients’ resources that increased in URVE Smart Office within 18 months

500 LOBO screens

are used by one of the largest companies in the insurance industry

21 % better accessibility

the increase of conference room accessibility in companies that actively use the URVE reservation system

14 minutes

we implemented our system for one of our clients within such a short time

We have completed over 2200 projects for major companies

Step-by-step implementation of URVE Locker

Project analysis and agreeing on the client needs

Design of lockers and selection of the appropriate solution

Project quote

Implementation of the solution

Cooperation models

Software as a Service (SaaS)

involves the provision of cloud-based software to the client. We manage the application, its development and updates, the client does not need to do anything.

System on Premise (SoP)

is a model where the application is installed on the client’s hardware and infrastructure. We manage the development of the solution and the client’s IT department manages the maintenance and updates.

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